Southeastern sends Lily Gayle off to the Miss Louisiana Competition


Chloe Williams/The Lion's Roar

On Thursday June 10 at 4 p.m. friends, family and supporters gathered in the Tinsley Hall lounge to send off Lily Gayle to the Miss Louisiana competition in Monroe. 

Many met up to wish Miss Southeastern 2021 a safe journey for the week ahead of her in Monroe for the Miss Louisiana Competition. Gayle will be competing in the Miss Louisiana Competition with the title Miss Green and Gold from June 17 to 19. 

Attendees of this event included Gayle’s grandparents, her dress sponsor and Dr. Eric Summers along with other parts of her team that have been helping her prepare for the Miss Louisiana competition all along the way.

Gayle noted that she has been prepping for this competition even before the Miss Southeastern competition. 

“I always knew that all the training I did would carry over, but getting ready for Miss Louisiana is a totally different beast,” Gayle said. 

What has really prepped Miss Green and Gold going into this competition is her mindset. While being all the way in Monroe and competing for the title of Miss Louisiana means being away from home and larger competition, she has been able to remind herself what is important in the big picture.

“But today, someone told me that you shouldn’t be looking at your competition, but looking at yourself to make sure you are the truest form of you because that is what makes a titleholder so great. It’s when they are unapologetically themselves,” Gayle stated.  

Contestants will be arriving in Monroe on the 13 in order to give them time to prepare and have rehearsals before the competition officially begins. 

 Gayle will be competing against 30 other young women total at the Monroe Civic Center starting on the 17. 

When thinking about the outcome of the competition, Miss Southeastern 2021 stated that Miss Louisiana week will be what she makes it. 

Gayle added, “I am confident that things will go well and if God is willing, then everyone will see me compete on Saturday night.”