Giving Day 2022: SLU shares its gratitude


Giving day was Sept. 14, 2022, and it was a success. As of Sept. 20, SLU raised $301,026 from 1,459 donors

The top five areas donated to and their amounts, respectively, are:

  • Area of Greatest Need, $60,290
  • Athletics, $55,349.69
  • College of Business, $32,570.65
  • College of Science and Technology, $32,364.80
  • Turtle Cove Environmental Research Station, $22,620

There has been an increase of 342 donors and $50,000+ raised from Giving Day 2021, and Southeastern faculty and staff are ecstatic. 

Dean of Students Dr. Gabe Willis said he loved the campaigns for Giving Day because it showcased both competition and camaraderie. 

Willis also gave a shout out to those who built the Giving Day website, where people could watch as money was donated in real time.

Stylish and innovative, the Giving Day website updated results after each donation. All funds generated will be donated to a worthy cause, according to each department. 

“I can gladly say that these donations overall benefit each and everyone of our students, so thank you to all who donated,” Willis said.