Career Fair to feature over 160 employers


Dasyonne Brashear

Craig Marinello posing for a picture at the past spring’s Biz-Connect event.

Career Fair is an important event for both employers and students, as it is an opportunity for networking with an insight on how the professional world operates.

It will be held in the REC Center on Sept. 29 between 9 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. Expectations are high with 160 different employers expected to participate.

The event will consist of possible job positions in all majors. Students can expect to see representatives from companies such as Dell Technologies, North Oaks Health Systems, Click Here Digital and many more.

Since there are many employers, Director of Career Services Sandy Summers advised students to view the list of employers before Thursday so that they may come in with a plan for which companies they’d want to talk with.

The list of employers will allow students to know possible positions, job types, levels of degree required and the types of majors the companies are looking for.

Students should bring a few copies of their resume to hand out to potential employers.

“Usually at a Career Fair there’s enough time to have a small conversation but not necessarily enough time for it to be considered an interview. The resume is going to really be that key piece that the employer will hold on too when they have time to process it at the end of the day,” Summers said.

Students attending this should dress comfortably, but still convey a sense of professionalism.

“For career fair professional attire like a suit, dressy top, or a blouse is appropriate, whatever is comfortable for the student but it still needs to be professional,” explained Summers.

Summers advised students who are concerned about meeting with potential employers to attend with a friend who has the same major.

“I know a lot of people get nervous about having to walk up to someone they don’t know and just start talking but it’s really just a conversation. One strategy that I’ve been seeing students do is getting a buddy. Find somebody that’s in your major and just go together, you’ll be looking for the same positions anyways,” Summers said.

Having a buddy there with you can also help the conversation with the employer flow better.

“You’ll be able to toggle back and forth asking questions so it’s not totally a one-on-one situation,” added Summers.

For any questions contact the Office of Career Services at (985) 549-2121 or [email protected].