Sneaker reseller Kaine Bergeron steps into his calling


Courtesy of Kaine Bergeron

Kaine Bergeron shows off his sneaker collection for his small business Knew Episeauxd.

For senior marketing major Kaine Bergeron, shoes have been his passion since he walked into his first Foot Locker. Bergeron began collecting shoes and finding his place in the sneaker community, and before he knew it, his passion evolved into his journey as an entrepreneur.

Bergeron did not want to work for anyone else, so using his own collection, he began a side hustle to customize and resell shoes. As time went on, his talent grew into a business, Knew Episeauxdla.

For years, Bergeron built his collection by hand-picking shoes based on his personal style. 

“I collect from my own personal taste, I feel like I have a unique taste. I kinda just base everything I buy on that. When it comes out I’ll get it. If it looks good I’ll get it, but I hand pick most of my shoes,” Bergeron said. 

Struggles first arose for Bergeron during COVID-19 as he suffered from a lack of income. In the fall of 2020, he decided it was time to sell the majority of his collection to make a profit. 

“Well, the things that I wanted were expensive, so I needed a job and didn’t really want to work for anybody so I just picked up a side hustle and started selling everything I was collecting,” Bergeron said. 

Bergeron worked out a deal to sell 80 pairs of sneakers he and his younger brother collected to a buyer in New York. In November of 2020, he and three of his friends packed up two cars and drove 21 hours to meet up with a buyer. After getting low-balled on the price, he packed up his collection and brought everything home. This experience further drove his motivation to start his own business. 

Selling first on eBay, then to his friends, Bergeron created a social media account and sold on Instagram as his business began to lift off. 

As his business grew, so did his connections. In recent months, he secured a spot with a vendor’s market hosted by 90’s Kid’s Closet at Margaret Place Hotel in New Orleans. Once a month he sets up shop and sells along with other vendors in support of street wear. 

Growing his talents and business, Bergeron also learned how to sew and began thrifting and creating his own clothes. Worn and loved by the majority of his friends, he has created around 15 pieces. 

“My original idea started from a pillow that I saw in Goodwill. I took the pillow, I took the fabric off it and put it on the jeans. Everybody liked it, so it just started from there,” Bergeron said. 

After graduating this semester, Bergeron plans to use his degree and business to open a storefront in downtown Hammond. He said he wants to give back to the community where he grew up and share with them his skate culture and urban street wear designs. 

Bergeron added, “I was skateboarding through this campus at like ten years old. Everything I’ve done is around Hammond and I’ve seen Hammond grow, so I think it’s a perfect place for what I’m trying to do–trying to turn it into something big.” 

If interested in Bergeron’s business, visit his Instagram page @knewepiseauxdla to check out his sneakers.