“I AM: Songs in Reflections of Me” live rock concert dance experience


Samantha Sims

Three dancers take centerstage and use their movement as a form of expression.

MAINSTAGE Contemporary Dance Company performed “I AM: Songs in Reflection of Me” this past Tuesday and Wednesday for students, faculty and guests of Southeastern.  

The live rock concert experience was the company’s first performance of the semester. The dancers danced to songs from the 1940s to 1990s. Each song represented a different emotion that a person can experience. 

Keith “Skip” Costa, director of the temporary dance program, was the artistic director of the performance.

“The title is basically summarized by one person having multiple sides, showing multiple different vulnerabilities, and emotional levels of one particular person, by sharing it with the eight dancers,” Costa explained. “ The eight dancers are really one.”

“I AM: Songs in Reflections of Me” included solos, duets and group performances. Each dancer represented an emotion of an individual, creating the illusion of self reflection through dance. 

Costa wanted the audience to go on a journey of self-discovery as they took in all of the elements of the show such as the dancers and background visuals.

Music played during the concert included songs by Billie Holiday, Willie Nelson, Elvis Presely, Whitney Houston and others. 

Addie Schmit, a junior at Southeastern majoring in middle school english education, had a solo dance in the concert. She expressed her excitement about being able to participate in the project. Schmit was searching for a way to bring dance back into her life. 

“I looked more into the Southeastern dance program and I was recruited,” said Schmit. She decided to try it out, and it changed her life tremendously. 

MAINSTAGE Dance Company will be holding auditions for more projects occurring in the spring semester.

“We have two Capstone senior concerts. And we also have a Mainstage Company concert that is all being auditioned for next Tuesday,” said Costa. 

If you have any questions concerning auditions you can contact Costa via email

“If there is anything I’ve learned from thisit’s that in order to achieve your goals you just have to do it. Dreams don’t work unless you do,” said Schmit.