Tau Kappa Epsilon returns to campus


Courtesy of Zachary Poche

Members of TKE posing for a picture together.

Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity (TKE) is returning to campus for the first time in over a decade. The organization was founded on Jan. 10, 1899, and is one of North America’s largest collegiate men’s fraternities, with over 295,000 initiated members. 

The SLU chapter of TKE fraternity was initially closed by its headquarters due to low membership in 2012. After careful consideration and discussion with the university, TKE will be restarting the Theta-Nu chapter. The expansion will be aided by coordinators from their headquarters, who will seek to recruit quality young men to build and develop this expansion into a fully-fledged nationwide championship chapter.

“After we got permission to come to campus and expand the fraternity, we just started talking to people right off the bat. We met with different students, found references through some sororities and held tabling events,” said expansion coordinator John Petersen.

The group is looking to recruit 40 members by next fall to be initiated as a full chapter.

TKE tries to break the stereotype of fraternities only being about drinking and partying by prioritizing the personal development of its members. The organization always participates in multiple philanthropic and community activities. 

“The value I admire most about the fraternity is our close contribution with St. Jude. We give a generous amount to St. Jude and other charity organizations. We want to change the stereotype of what fraternities are. TKE looks past the thought of “the parties and drinking” and focuses more on helping create strong bonds with individuals to make them, “better men for a better world,” said rush chairman Javier Amador.

The organization also will participate in intramurals and other philanthropy events, such as the Big Event.

Another key factor for this new expansion’s success is the addition of Mr. David Faucheux as the chapter’s faculty advisor. 

He was the number two professor in the United States on RateMyProfessor.com, recipient of the “Friendship Oaks” award from Southeastern and was selected as a distinguished member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars based out of Washington D.C. Faucheux is also currently the Vice-President of the Hammond Area Economic and Industrial Development District. 

The fraternity is seeking men who have passion for what they do, a good academic record and are seeking to develop connections with others. Fraternity president Zachary Poche said he is optimistic about the future of the organization.

“We have a really solid set of officers coming and between the knowledge that the officers and myself have about developing student organizations, along with David Faucheux’s enthusiasm, I think we are going to have a really good first year,” Poche said.

For more information about joining Tau Kappa Epsilon, call: (225) 210-6497 or email [email protected].