The Lion's Roar

‘Full Court Fest’ allows fans to get to know their teams

Cheerleaders perform a routine at the 10th annual

Gerard Borne, Staff Reporter

October 29, 2019

Before the women’s and men’s basketball seasons start, the university will host its 12th annual “Full Court Fest” on Wednesday. The purpose of the event is to let Lions fans get to know both teams. Lindsey Owens, assistant athletic director of marketing and student promotions, explained...

Athletics advertise to fill home game stands

“Flood the Field,” a promotion event for the Lady Lions softball game, is an athletics marketing classic. With events like these, the first students to arrive at the game get free pizza and a T-shirt. With proper advertising and promotions, athletics aims to engage with both fans and people who are not interested in sports.

Maiah Woodring, Staff Reporter

April 9, 2019

Devising new or improved ways to get community members attending and supporting games falls under the authority of Athletics Marketing and Promotions. Even though “Strawberry Jam” and “Full Court Fest” may be among the department’s most popular promotions, the group’s work does not end the...