Where to eat, shop and hang in Hammond

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Where to eat, shop and hang in Hammond

Larshell Green, Editor

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Hands down, my favorite thing to do in Hammond is eat. I’ve tried food from a lot of restaurants downtown and in the city overall. 

Tommy’s is most known for its stone baked sweet sauce pizzas of varying toppings, but there is so much more available. There are po’ boys, seafood platters, salads, an array of breadsticks, a plethora of pastas and plenty of paninis. Prices are definitely college student friendly and generally vary based on your chosen portion.

Walking into Cate Street Seafood Station takes you somewhere else. The boats, signed dollar bills and other bayou decorations make you feel like you’re visiting a beach front seafood entity.

Cate Street Seafood is one of my favorite restaurants because it’s like a jack-of-all-trades in terms of dining. The portions are huge but worth it. You can expect to spend between $15 and $20 per person. It will be worth every penny.

At Cate Street Seafood, I usually get golden fried catfish that is fried to perfection, or the succulent grilled chicken. My favorite sides to order are hushpuppies or new garlic potatoes. These dishes are cooked so that the natural flavors emerge and allow seasonings like garlic to lightly tease your palate.

A weekly Saturday morning treat for locals has been the Hammond Farmers Market. You can find fresh produce, arts and crafts and items made with care. 

After its grand opening in February, Gypsy Hill Boutique has delivered a variety of clothing, food and accessories. Expect local boutique style prices ranging from $30-70 based on the type of item. Items are typically light and airy with bohemian-chic influences. My favorite thing about the company is its commitment to serving multiple sizes. 

I was immediately intrigued by the Hammond Regional Arts Center. It’s a staple of downtown Hammond. There are local and visiting artists, themed parties, acoustic sets, culinary arts and shows of all mediums. It’s been very intriguing to see my original classifications of what art was challenged in so many ways. I absolutely love the food and drinks at Courtyard Cafe. However, I like the scenery even more. Can you say “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” vibes? The actual courtyard of the establishment is hidden through the back door. The best part about visiting is that the workers go above and beyond to make you feel calm and at peace when you’re visiting. Drinks range from $2-6, and crepes range from $4-8.

Cate Street Park is known for its large, green gazebo. It’s a really good spot to relax, have picnics or catch up on schoolwork. I personally enjoy the playground, the butterfly bench and the space it has for impromptu photo shoots with friends.

Visit the Columbia Theatre for the Performing Arts to get your fix on entertainment. The building, both interior and exterior, is beautiful. I never get tired of getting dolled up to go see fabulous productions.