Party minus alcohol


Jacob Summerville

Alpha Omega Pi, Pi Kappa Alpha and Kappa Sigma partnered up to create the first-place booth and overall display.

Jacob Summerville, Staff Reporter

Meme-themed booths filled the university parking garage yesterday evening.

“Mocktails” started with a speaker at 5:30 p.m. in the Student Union Grand Ballroom before proceeding to the parking garage where Greek life, Residence Hall Association and Flipside Dance gave out alcohol-free drinks to attendees to promote alcohol safety awareness.

Guest speaker Brittany Hunt, a social worker at the Louisiana Foundation Against Sexual Assault, discussed that sexual assault is about control of the victim and that alcohol is commonly used as a date rape drug.

“Alcohol does not cause sexual assault, but I can kind of make people more comfortable taking these existing attitudes that they have and putting them into action,” said Hunt. “So, these thoughts and these feelings are already in a perpetrators mind, and alcohol just lets them unleash them and makes people feel more comfortable, and it kind of normalizes that behavior.”

Student organizations prepared booths and drinks, some in accordance with the theme of memes. From SpongeBob Squarepants to yodeling, from Kermit the Frog to “Salt Bae,” participants got to taste meme-themed concoctions made by each organization.

Jalen Shepard, a freshman business administration major, found out about “Mocktails” through Project P.U.L.L. and explained how people enjoyed the event and its no-underage drinking message.




“This is a great alternative to underage drinking because it’s a place where we can dance, try different types of drinks, and even eat food,” said Shepherd.

Several songs throughout the night sparked dance routines. One song in particular was “Wipe Me Down” by Boosie Badazz commonly referred to as “Lil Boozie.”

Alpha Phi Alpha member Keenan Austin, a junior biological sciences major, explained the song’s significance to APA.

“Wipe me Down is kind of the anthem of Alpha Phi Alpha, you know,” said Austin. “It’s like a thing we do with the strolling. It kind of goes with the traditions and where we come from, just the rhythm and the stepping. It’s something that we can call our own.”

At the end of the event, the National Pan-Hellenic Council and Alpha Sigma Tau tied for first for the best drink. The group consisting of Kappa Sigma, Pi Kappa Alpha and Alpa Omega Pi were awarded first place for booth design and were the overall winners of “Mocktails” with their theme of Tide Pods. Their booth resembled a washing machine while their Jell-O shots resembled Tide Pods.

Pan-Hellenic delegate of Alpha Omega Pi Katherine Gunther, a sophomore elementary education major, expressed her excitement and thanks after her sorority won.

“We worked really hard all week long, and Kappa Sig and Pike were a really big help,” said Gunther. “So, it’s awesome that all of our hard work payed off and that we had fun while doing it.”