The Lion's Roar

International Sports: Botaoshi

Botoashi is a game played in Japan. It is played with over 100 players trying to topple the opponent’s pole while protecting their own.

Zachary Araki, Assistant Editor

March 12, 2019

At some Japanese schools, what may appear chaotic could be botaoshi, a game about knocking down poles, highlighting team coordination. “That game involved almost all aspects of athletic ability," said Dr. Sanichiro Yoshida, professor of physics. "Speed, strength and coordination is very important....

The university judo club

The university judo club offers students an opportunity to practice  judo, a form of martial arts. Professor of Physics Dr. Sanichiro Yoshida and David Lloyd instruct students in judo.

Staff Reports

October 23, 2018

Founded in 1882, judo is an ancient form of martial arts from Japan created by Jigura Kano as an alternative to jujitsu. This sport carries on today with clubs across the world including the Southeastern Judo Club. Professor of Physics Dr. Sanichiro Yoshida, an instructor of the class, explained how...