The Lion's Roar

From Scotland to the States: a coach’s journey

Christopher McBride, head coach of soccer, talks to his players before a game. McBride coached the Lady Lions to a 7-7-4 record in the 2018 season.  McBride is a native of Scotland, and he learned the fundamentals of soccer from his father.

Gerard Borne, Staff Reporter

April 16, 2019

Christopher McBride, head coach of soccer, has traveled the world through his love for soccer. McBride entered his third year as the fourth head coach of the Lady Lions soccer team. McBride previously coached at the University of North Alabama and the University of South Alabama. When McBride developed...

International Sports: Caber Toss

After successfully holding the caber and taking a few strides forward, the athlete tosses the caber into the air in hopes of a good landing. Caber tossing was one of the several sports played at the Louisiana Highland Games and Celtic Festival.

Jacob Summerville, Staff Reporter

April 2, 2019

As one of several traditional Celtic games, caber tossing tests athletes’ strength, balance and coordination. Caber tossing originated in Scotland, and although the exact date of origin is unknown, an article by Collins dictionary cites “tossing of ye barr” to be first mentioned in 1574 at a milita...