On the part-time job hunt


Zachary Araki

Students interacted with employers at the “Part-Time Job Fair” in the Student Union Breezeway in a search for work near campus.

Zachary Araki, A&E Editor

Students looked for opportunities to earn some money near campus while in school earlier this week.

37 employers set up tables in the Student Union Breezeway on Thursday, Aug. 23 from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. for the Office of Career Services’ “Part-Time Job Fair.”

Blake Thomas, career and employment specialist, said, “This gives students an opportunity in between classes, very casual, to come meet with a few employers and give them that opportunity for that part-time work while they’re in school because we have a lot of students that are putting themselves through school. So, it’s important for them to build their network, build their experience while they’re here.”

Speedway Printing III participated in the fair for its first time for more than an employee search.

“We want to get more into the community,” said Tara Williams, marketing and sales representative. “We know that there’s a lot of students who leave college not knowing what they want to do, and we have a bunch of different things that go on in our shop.”

Jyia Joseph, a freshman communication major, shared her thoughts on the opportunities provided by the fair.

“Some college kids work way out of their way from school, and they have to travel back from school,” said Joseph. “Why not just have a part-time job while you’re near school? It helps a lot with commuting.”