A cool ‘Hot August Night’


Don Lawrence

Jennifer Collins, the president of Chatterbox at the Courtyard, educates parents about the benefits of Chatterbox at the Courtyard.

Don Lawrence, Staff Reporter

Hot temperature, hot foods and the 23rd annual “Hot August Night” produced an impenetrable crowd in the streets of Downtown Hammond.

Local businesses and artists came out on Aug. 24 from 6-10:30 p.m.

The night saw approximately 50 places to eat, play and shop including wine tasting, exhibits, retail sales, live music from local artist and events for kids.

“Hot August Night” was accompanied by the traditional university athletics pep rally that brought a vibrant spirit to downtown. The athletes wrote their autographs on posters, danced with Chick-fil-A cow mascots, and passed out schedules for the upcoming season.

The local businesses also made an impact on the night.

The Chatterbox at the Courtyard stand consisted of wine tasting but served more than a solution to intoxication.

Jennifer Collins, the president of Chatterbox at the Courtyard, explained the purpose and goals of her business.

“We are a speech therapy office,” said Collins. “We treat any kind of services for children and adults with a variety of communication disorders. We also treat the Hispanic community, and our focus is trying to empower parents with education, educating them on how to reach their children, one way through putting the phone down and playing with them.”

For four and a half hours, the football team was dedicated to giving back to the Hammond community. Nih-Jer Jackson, a senior wide receiver, shared his thoughts on the event.

“It just gets better year by year,” said Jackson. “Events like these make it easier for myself to vision what success must feel like. Signing autographs, taking photos and talking to the youth all seemed so surreal because this is a moment I dreamed of. This makes me want to bring the Hammond community a championship.”