A day in the life of Alyssa Larose


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Serving as Miss Southeastern 2018, Alyssa Larose, a junior special education major, acts as an ambassador for the university.

Prakriti Adhikari, Staff Reporter

Alyssa Larose, a junior special education major, started the new year with new responsibilities as Miss Southeastern 2018.

With active involvement in various organizations on campus including the Student Government Association, Gamma Beta Phi and Campus Activities Board, Larose spends most of her day on campus. A usual day for Larose comprises of coming to school around 7 a.m., taking classes, meeting with administrators, working at the Office of Student Publications, performing her duties as Miss Southeastern, and going back home around 8 p.m. Currently, she is busy working as the coordinator for the 2018 Homecoming Week and preparing for the upcoming Miss Southeastern competition.

Larose shared some of the responsibilities that came with the title.

“The biggest responsibilities I had was preparing to go to the Miss Louisiana pageant, and be an ambassador for the university,” said Larose. “After the Miss Louisiana pageant, I continue to attend traditional events like SLU’s birthday.”

Besides making appearances in events on campus and promoting her personal platform “Juvenile Diabetes Educate and Find Your Cure,” Larose’s off-campus involvement includes visiting schools and working with students. Recently, Larose read to children at the Courtyard Cafe. Larose is also equally active in social media posting about various events she is active in. She feels at ease being busy.

For Larose, being Miss Southeastern was like a dream come true.

“It’s cliche, but it’s like a dream come true” said Larose. “Your year is what you make of it. I knew my year would go quickly, and it did. It was a great experience.”

Being Miss Southeastern does not stop Larose from eating the food she loves. Starting the day with a healthy breakfast, she manages time to grab something from Starbucks, making use of the Miss Southeastern meal plan services provided by the Office of Auxiliary Services. For lunch, Larose gets food from Subway, Pizza Hut, or brings her own lunch from home. Larose thinks anything can be eaten in moderation. She also enjoys working out early in the morning but usually goes to the gym late at night after all her other responsibilities.

Though Larose spends most of her time on campus, she loves baking “anything sweet” while off campus. She also likes having a movie night with friends, shopping in downtown Hammond, and meeting and talking to new people. Furthermore, she feels representing the university is fun in itself.

Larose shared the experience of participating in the Miss Louisiana pageant last June.

“Going into it, I had no idea what to expect, but as soon as we moved into the dorm at ULM for that week, I was welcomed with open arms by all the other girls who’ve been competing there,” said Larose. “The Miss America Organization always says that they are sisterhood, and the sisterhood is real. It really is true. I am very good friends with all other 31 contestants to this day. I enjoyed my experience and I loved representing Southeastern on the Miss Louisiana stage.”

Larose advises future contestants to be confident with their talent.

“My advice for anyone who is thinking of doing it is to do it,” said Larose. “You’ve got nothing to lose. This year would not have been the same if I was not Miss Southeastern. If the future contestant needs any help, they can ask me, contact me. I will help them. Just make sure that they are keeping up with current events, and watching news all the time. I have a lot of tips for where to get really cute cheap clothes.”