Open mic night under the twinkle light


Johnathan Zeringue

Kristen Calfee, a senior marketing major, sings at the Residence Hall Association’s “Talent Under Twinkle Light.”

Johnathan Zeringue, Staff Reporter

This year’s open mic event aimed to showcase a collection of students’ unique talents in a night under the stars.

The Residence Hall Association created “Talent Under Twinkle Light” in order to give students on campus a chance to interact with their peers. The second annual event was held near Twelve Oaks Courtyard on Wednesday, Sept. 19. Students arrived as early as 5:30 p.m. for seating while the performance acts began at 6:30 p.m.

“This is the second time that we host this event,” said RHA Adviser of Marketing and Advertisements Kristen Calfee, a senior marketing major. “I love the new location. It’s really, really nice and centrally located. It was my job to advise the committee and help guide them with the aspects that have to do with successful on-campus marketing.”

Chandler Baptiste, a freshman criminal justice major, shared his experience performing at the event.

“For prepping for tonight, the hardest part was picking the song that worked well within my range,” said Baptiste. “Tonight was really fun, and if the school put this on again, I would definitely do this again.”

RHA works toward providing students a friendly atmosphere to develop connections with one another.

Along with the performances, the RHA served light refreshments and charged $5 per person for henna tattoos in order to raise money for the organization. The night also included a scavenger hunt and a dance-off that aimed to keep the crowd engaged.

“I think it was a success.” said Calfee. “I’m pretty sure we have had over 300 people that have shown up, which is amazing. I am really happy that people came out to see the unique individuals that are literally living right next door to them.”