One man and his guitar


Diamond Hollins

Peter Yarrow sings on the stage of the Columbia Theatre.

Diamond Hollins, Staff Reporter

During “Lonesome Traveler: The Concert with Peter Yarrow,” the spotlight shone on a single performer with his guitar.

On Oct. 12, at the Columbia Theatre for the Performing Arts, Peter Yarrow, an American singer and songwriter, engaged with the audience telling jokes and singing songs like “Puff, the Magic Dragon.”

Though the concert was intended to be a trio, the two other performers were unable to make it to the concert.

Larry Cloy, a longtime fan of Yarrow, shared his feelings watching the concert.

“This performance made me happy and sad,” said Cloy. “Happy because we are still here but sad because it makes you reflect on how times have changed. It was very nostalgic, and there were a lot of tears.”

Yarrow explained what the performance meant to him.

“It was a very personal performance,” said Yarrow. “I really got to know my crowd, and it was a great concert even though the other performers were not able to show up.”