Life in the Renaissance Festival


Diamond Hollins

Clarence Romage

Diamond Hollins, Staff Reporter

For Clarence Romage, a senior business administration major, the “Louisiana Renaissance Festival” offers originality and a better understanding of the Renaissance.

Romage enjoyed the variety of vendors in the festival.

“My favorite part of the festival was just seeing all the different types of vendors and things they have to offer,” said Romage. “The quality is great because everything is handmade is just awesome.”

According to Romage, the festival provides learning experiences.

“Most of the people there have some knowledge of the different historical aspects based on the people they portray and can answer any questions you may have about them,” said Romage. “I wouldn’t say the festival is attempting to really educate people, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn anything.”

Romage described a personal life lesson the festival promotes.

“I would have to say the ‘Renaissance Festival’ encourages you to be yourself and not be afraid to be a part of the abnormal,” said Romage. “They make it even easier to do so because each weekend is thematic.”

Romage feels that the festival is packed with an originality that cannot be found anywhere else.

“I love to see where else you can walk around dressed up as a Viking with an axe strung to your side while eating a giant turkey leg,” said Romage.

Romage shared that the festival engages attendees.

“It definitely draws people in but the thing about the ‘Renaissance Festival’ is that it’s a place out of time,” said Romage. “So, when you’re there, you’re really supposed to just forget where you were and remember where you are.”