Students voice their opinions

Johnathan Zeringue, Staff Reporter

The Student Government Association hosted the “Free Speech Alley” for students to share their opinions.

On Nov. 15, students wrote their opinions on a beach ball outside the Student Union.

SGA Chief Justice Alberto Valenzuela discussed why he wanted to continue holding the “Free Speech Alley.”

“‘Free Speech Alley’ has been around at Southeastern for a good while and started back up last year under chief justice Ali LeBlanc,” said Valenzuela. “This is a platform where students can come and go as they please in between classes and say what’s on their minds in an open environment where they don’t have to feel the pressure of negative forces.”

Jacob Deliberto, a sophomore political science major, shared why he participated in “Free Speech Alley.”

“I heard about this event through social media and plaques around campus,” said Deliberto. “It’s a good outlet for student to voice their opinions, and I thought it would be a good opportunity to voice my opinion.”

SGA Justice Hannah Fannin, a sophomore biological sciences major, explained the event’s significance.

“Voicing your opinions and feelings makes you realize how many different different opinions and how many different views are out there,” said Fannin. “This diversity that we have on campus is what really makes it Southeastern and glues us together.”