Mindfulness keeping the mind on track

Diamond Hollins, Staff Reporter

The University Counseling Center created an opportunity to help students manage their stress in preparation for their finals.

The “Mindfulness Tent” took place on Nov. 26 from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. in the Student Union Park.

According to University Health Center Registered Nurse Kuldip Grest, the tent “brings the mind back to focus and brings you back to your body.”

Grest shared how the “Mindfulness Tent” aimed to help students give their minds a break.

“It is basically showing students the idea of being mindful of where their mind is,” said Grest. “The mind is thinking all the time, and it’s not generally something you want to be thinking about. The mind can also start to work overtime.”

Elizabeth Armstrong, a graduate student in counseling, believes more students should utilize the “Mindfulness Tent.”

“In doing this, you are in a way very vulnerable,” said Armstrong. “I think that intimidates a lot of the students on campus.”

Assistant Director of UCC Emily Moise-Fontenot explained why the “Mindfulness Tent” was held outside instead of in the usual location, Sims Memorial Library.

“Our thoughts were, ‘Let’s put this event in a place that is very visible and where people can see it,'” said Moise-Fontenot. “This spot creates more access to students and lets them know that they can come right in.”