She came with a vision


Maiah Woodring

Macey Crovetto aims to develop the university’s student-leader community and build more crossover between Greek and non-Greek organizations in her position as the Greek life and student organizations coordinator.

A vision for encouraging student leadership propelled Macey Crovetto into her job as the Greek life and student organizations coordinator where she oversees 108 organizations.

Promoted from her position as admissions recruiter in July, Crovetto understands that she wears many hats with her new job. In addition to handling programming for Greek life and student organizations, she is also in charge of managing their leadership training and development and making sure that paperwork for events is turned in on time.

One of my goals is to do a larger community service project.

— Macey Crovetto

In the face of  a division between non-Greek organizations and Greek life, Crovetto believes more crossover between the two groups can help student development.

Crovetto produced some ideas that she wants to implement.

Crovetto explained, “One of my goals is to do a larger community service project that will involve all of the student organizations, mixing everybody up a little bit, allowing people to meet other students that they might not be familiar with, and having something where our students leaders can look back and say, ‘Hey, we did this together.’”

Blake Luna, a member of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity, believes organizing special events on campus is where Crovetto shines.

Luna said, “She does do a lot with planning events and managing those events, so I feel like that’s when she’s at her strong suit – when managing those big events on campus.”

Luna found Crovetto to be receptive to student ideas.

“We’ve always gone to her with ideas just for Greek life in general, and she’s always listened to ‘em and has taken them into account,” said Luna.

Crovetto is eager to see students use the skills they learned from being in student organizations at the university.

“They’re all very ambitious and determined,” shared Crovetto. “They all have these very clear thoughts of where they want to see things go, and everybody seems to really want to take what they have and grow it, and I love that.”

In addition to admiring the ambitions of the student organizations, Crovetto has a couple ambitions of her own.

“I would love to see, as we continue to develop our overall student-leader community, more programming that involves both Greek life and non-Greek student organizations,” said Crovetto.