A galaxy far away comes to the Columbia Theatre

Charles Ross preforms his one-man Star Wars trilogy. The one-man Star Wars trilogy was held Nov. 7 at the Columbia Theater.

One-man Star Wars trilogy brings in a crowd of old and new fans with one person performing all the roles of the first three movies. 

Chalres Ross, a comedian and Star Wars fan, held a one-man Star Wars trilogy Nov. 7 at the Columbia Theater. 

Since 2002, Ross has been performing his one-man Star War trilogy show that condenses six hours of movie down to a 75 minute experience. 

The one-man follows the story of Luke Skywalker from the original 1977 trilogy, as he goes through his struggle to fight the galaxys evils. Ross preforms every detail himself from the music, character voices and fight scenes. 

Among the many Star Wars fans at the performance where two different groups of fans that spend their time dressing up as characters from the Star Wars series.

The 501st Legion and the Mandalorian Mercs are groups of fans who portray characters from the franchise or make lore friendly ones and come to events like these to take pictures with other fans. 

Marlee Lavigne, a sophomore spanish major, shared her excitement about the performance.

“I thought it was awesome,” expressed Lavigne. “I was expecting it to either go one of two ways, it would be so good it’s impressive or so bad that it’s still enjoyable. But it was great. I had such a great time.” 

Among the crowd was Mr. Southeastern, Brain Williams, a senior communication major, and Miss Southeastern, Chelsey Blank a senior accounting major, shared their thoughts on the performance. 

“I thought it was great,” said Blank. “I’ve only really seen those three, so I understood everything that was going on and I was glad that I did cause I came in here nervous that I wouldn’t get half of it. But I really did. And it was really funny, he has a very unique way of showing these things, but I think it was definitely a hit for everybody.”

Williams, despite having never really seen a Star Wars movie, shared his experience. 

“So, I’ve never actually seen Star Wars, but going in I knew most of the basic plot and just like watching him do all the stuff in the middle, I was like ‘I get what’s going on, I think? Maybe?’ It was just really enjoyable to recognize the parts I knew and then to watch him portray that,” said Williams. 

The one-man Star Wars trilogy was performed Nov. 7 at the Columbia theater. For more information regarding the Columbia theater, visit their website.