IFC recruitment to kick off this week


Austin O'Brien

On Monday, Oct. 4 from 4-6:30 p.m., SLU’s Interfraternity Council hosted its traditional recruitment barbecue in the Student Union Breezeway. Interested students browsed fraternities, engaged in activities, heard from guest speakers and received free food.

Southeastern’s Interfraternity Council has had delays in its recruitment but is expected to launch the process this week for students wishing to join a fraternity.

“We needed to delay the recruitment period due to Hurricane Ida, as we were concerned for freshmen and their home lives and whether or not they could come to school,” said Jonathan Phan, president of IFC and member of the fraternity Sigma Tau Gamma.

Beginning Oct. 3, students can go to the Student Union to browse the five different fraternities and introduce themselves to inducted members. Each table has roughly thirty members to explain who they are and what makes their fraternity special to students.

The IFC barbecue took place on Monday, Oct. 4 in the Student Union Breezeway. Students were able to browse several of the fraternities on campus and get to know them personally while enjoying food, music and public speakers. 

While the IFC barbecue is a popular tradition in the recruitment process, there is more to joining a fraternity than one event. The IFC has a full week of planned activities to help students find fraternities to join.

SLU’s Interfraternity Council E-board members at the recruitment barbecue on Oct. 4, from left to right: Vice President of Administration Zachary Shultz, President Jonathon Phan, Vice President of New Member Development Trace Sheets, Vice President of Recruitment Zachary McKean. (Austin O’Brien)

On Oct. 5 and Oct. 6, potential candidates can visit each fraternity’s house and receive bids. Bids are a way for fraternities to pick out who they want and show candidates that they are interested in having them. The final choice all comes down to the candidate making their choice, but the bids are a peaceful way to show interest to candidates.

“Just about everyone who wants to join a fraternity will get a bid from at least one of them. It just shows interest that they think you could fit in well at their fraternity,” Phan said.

The last day of recruitment, Oct. 7, is what IFC calls Bid Day. On Bid Day, candidates will make their decision on what fraternity they want to join. To be officially recognized as a member of the fraternity, students must go to the Office for Student Engagement and join through them.

After all of these events are completed and candidates go through the process, they are officially recognized as full members of their respective fraternities.

To learn more about the IFC recruitment process, visit their Instagram page at @sluifc or visit their website.