Study smarter with Summer Smart program

The summer semester is right around the corner. Students who scheduled summer classes are eligible to take part in the Summer Smart program. 

The Summer Smart Program is an initiative that allows undergraduate students and incoming freshmen will receive a $300 credit towards the costs of classes. This will make the cost for most undergraduate students less than $300 per credit hour. Nursing students will have added fees specific to their situation. 

The program helps to make the cost of classes more affordable for students along with making summer classes more convenient. Assistant Director of Admissions Ryan Kavanaugh described the program as an incentive for taking summer courses, especially for newly admitted high school students. 

“It’s a big offer to students who are just graduating high school to be able to take classes early. It can be helpful to start college a little early so that they become familiar with college life before the fall,” Kavanaugh said.

Regular summer semester classes and Term I classes begin on June 1. Term I classes end on June 27, and final exams are on June 28. 

Term II classes begin on June 29. The last day of all classes is July 25. Final exams for Term II classes are on July 26. Final exams for regular classes are July 26-27.

As soon as students register for classes and pay their tuition and fee bill, they will already see the $300 credit.