Shiver with anticipation for Rocky Horror Picture Show



Tonight and Saturday night, the Columbia Theatre will be hosting its third annual Rocky Horror Picture Show screening with the master of ceremonies Dr. Joe Burns and a live shadow cast at 9 p.m. 

This year, the shadow cast is a group of student actors who have been rehearsing and are acting out all of the film compared to the past two years where actors would attend meetings and mainly act out the musical numbers. As a result, this will be a fully realized shadow cast, according to the artistic director Jim Winter. 

“We have a very talented group of actors who have been rehearsing. As a result, we’re making them a true shadow cast by putting them on stage in front of the screen. Also, we’re thrilled to be back in our beautiful Hainkel Hall for this year’s show,” Winter said. 

Tickets are $20 and VIP tickets are $25. VIP tickets include a throw bag filled with interactive props you need and a surprise from our shadow cast. 

When it comes to the ticket sales Winter said, “Last I checked, we have about 200 tickets already sold for each night. People can walk up and buy tickets right before the show, so if you’ve never experienced Rocky Horror with well over 200 fired up fans, you’re in for a treat.”

For those who have never seen a shadow cast, they can expect the actors to be dressed in movie accurate costumes and act out the movie being played on screen behind them, therefore they are silhouetted.

A junior communication major Lauren Price will be “shadowing” Janet for the show and has enjoyed being a part of the cast and getting the show ready for the performances. 

“I’m so glad I get to dress up as her and dance and sing. It’s the closest I’ll get to playing her so I’m taking in as much as I can get. I also love getting to work with an amazing Brad, Hunter Tatman and a phenomenal Frankfurter, Miguel Garcia,” Price explained.

When recalling the show, Price wanted people to know that the experience is unforgettable due to the movie itself, the fun callbacks and the option to come dressed up to the show. 

Winter wanted fans to know that they can thank the Southeastern students for making this happen and that the student advisory board was the first to ask if the Columbia could show it. 

For attendees coming to see the show Price said, “I hope that whoever comes out has the best time and be sure to grab some pictures with the shadow cast, so show up and shiver with antici…pation.”

To buy tickets to the shows, click here. Check back with this article to see a gallery of Saturday night’s performance.