Tailgating and the dirty side of Pottle


Gerard Borne

Lion fans show off their pride at pregame tailgating. Organizations and families gathered in Friendship Circle.

Gerard Borne, Staff Reporter

Among the tailgating activities, another thing likely to be witnessed is university fans urinating by the side of the Pottle Music Building.

Before any home football game at Strawberry Stadium, university sports fans fill Friendship Circle wearing their green and gold. The smell of charcoal grills and music fills the environment. Different departments and organizations on campus pack the circle with tents, beer and varieties of pregame activities. Some try to take their best pictures in university colors. 

The bathroom inside Pottle is open to the public during tailgating. To use the bathroom inside Strawberry Stadium, however, tickets need to be used and then purchased again if the person leaves the stadium.

Some fans use the side of the building for convenience because they do not feel like walking to the stadium.

Jacob Caraway, a Lions fan, shared his reason for participating in this behavior.

“I use it because I don’t feel like walking all the way to the stadium and spending my ticket to use the bathroom,” said Caraway.




According to Caraway, he uses the ground by Pottle out of necessity and convenience in his years attending games rather than hate or spite.

“Sometimes I have to use the Pottle building because it is discrete and close to our family tent,” said Caraway.