Meal prepping made easy


Zachary Araki

Meals can be kept fresh and ready for the week by storing them in the refrigerator.

Madeline Cancienne, Staff Reporter

Maintaining a healthy diet while being on-the-go all the time may seem like an impossible task, but meal prepping can make it simpler.

According to a survey conducted by The FASEB Journal, 84 percent of 344 surveyed students eat fast food, and 54 percent of students eat it at least once a week.

Meal prepping requires some knowledge of what the end goal looks like. Kagan Carter, a junior business management major, had one goal in mind when he began meal prepping.

“I started meal prepping to gain some weight,” said Carter. “I wasn’t nearly as strict as a lot of people are, but I made a bunch of chicken and had it all in containers ready to go for lunch.”

To begin the meal prepping process, starting with planning the menu is essential. It is also important to remember to think of healthy snack options. Beginning with a plan helps keep things organized and reduces stress.

Next, see what groceries are needed for the week. See what is already at home, then see what needs to be bought.




Then, begin the cooking process. It is important to start with things that take longer to cook like chicken or rice that take longer first. Then move on to vegetables and fruits. Multitasking is important, so make efficient choices like using the oven for doing multiple things at once.

Finally, put the dishes in portable containers so that they are ready to go.

Whether the goal is controlling weight or preparing for the week, meal preparation gives a variety of healthy options. It allows individuals to maintain portion sizes and be creative with what they eat.

Meal prepping will help save time and money while also feeding the body the things it needs to function efficiently.