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Vision board party motivates nursing students

Deonna London and J'Asia Bovia, freshmen nursing majors, made their own vision boards at the Pre-Nursing Society's

Maggie Tregre, Staff Reporter

October 16, 2019

The Pre-Nursing Society held a “Vision Board Party” on October 15.  A vision board is typically a collage of quotes, photos and other items that an individual refers to for inspiration or motivation.  As part of the club’s purpose to help motivate students who are on the pre-nursing track, the event w...

Manifest your goals with a vision board

A vision board is displayed in a student’s dorm room. Students can create a vision board to help them achieve their goals and dreams.

Gabrielle Wood, Staff Reporter

September 22, 2019

Many students know what they want to accomplish, but some may have a hard time visualizing their goals. This is where a vision board may be helpful. A vision board is a display of what someone would like to achieve or pursue. By putting together a collage of pictures or items that represent this end...

Goal-setting techniques of a collage

Vision boards offer a variety of options for students looking to set realistic goals. The collages can be used to plan for the future or as motivation to achieve their objectives.

Maiah Woodring, Staff Reporter

April 9, 2019

Made from a collection of objects including magazine clippings, encouraging pictures or positive sayings, vision boards help with setting goals and planning for the future. Vision boards are essentially collages that serve to motivate or inspire someone towards their goal. The varying sizes and customizati...