Candidates of local elections interact with students


Prakriti Adhikari

Students had the opportunity to meet with candidates from local, state and federal elections at “Meet and Greet.”

Prakriti Adhikari, Staff Reporter

Candidates from local, state and federal election met with students to discuss their platform and the importance of elections. “Meet and Greet,” held on Thursday, Sept. 6 at the Student Union Ballroom, was organized in collaboration with the Student Government Association and Greater Hammond Chamber of Commerce.

Over 54 candidates from different offices at the local, state and federal levels participated in the event.

Tammy Savoie, a Democratic candidate, is running to represent Louisiana’s 1st Congressional District. She discussed some of her plans to improve the economy, education and universal health care.

“My plan is to fight for Louisiana the way I have fought for my country throughout 38 years of military service,” said Savoie. “So, the things that are concerning to me is the economy. We need economic prosperity for everybody. That means a livable wage, fair taxation and reducing tariffs.”