Widening experiences by stepping out of comfort zones

Prakriti Adhikari, Staff Reporter

Many times, students step out of their comfort zone to have different life experiences. Steeping out of one’s comfort zone can include activities such as exploring a passion or living away from home.

Chazell Knox, a sophomore criminal justice major, shared that she stepped out of her comfort zone when she took an initiative to communicate with her classmates.

“A time I stepped out of my comfort zone would be in my class,” said Knox. “I started to talk a lot, answer the questions and speak in front of the class. Last year, I didn’t really do that much because I was shy. I feel like this year I am a different person. I can speak in front of the class without feeling shy.”

A time when Johnmarie Bougere, a sophomore communication major, stepped out of her comfort zone was when she tried a different clothing style than she normally wore.

“I changed my clothing style a little bit this year,” said Bougere. “Last year, I didn’t like my body that much. So, this year, I have started embracing and wearing different types of dresses.”

Linda Ban, an academic advisor, encouraged students to step out of their comfort zone to excel in their academic career. Ban advised students personally in her office to help them come up with better schedule to help manage time.

“Now they are the manager of themselves and some say that’s very overwhelming,” said Ban. “So, we even talk about that. I have had students e-mail me asking me how to wash clothes, I am not sure how to operate a washing machine, that kind of thing. Or, I am running low on my food cart, and I tell them about the food pantry.”