An Xpressive display at the café


Philip le Riche

Thaís Lindemayer Gomes, delivers her account of international student life on campus at MISA’s Xpressions Café event on Feb. 10.

Yesterday evening, Southeastern Louisiana University’s Multicultural and International Student Affairs held its Xpressions Café event. 

The event’s goal was to supply a medium through which students who feel underrepresented may artistically express themselves.

For those who felt they needed a bit of caffeine-filled warmth at that time of night, the organizers offered free coffee, fulfilling the “café” part of “Xpressions Café.”

“I think it is important because we want everybody to be able to express themselves in any way that they can and that can be for anyone from all races. You know, any background or country, I just want people to be able to express themselves in any way, shape or form and I think tonight gave them that opportunity. Hopefully we can have a night like this again, so more people can have the opportunity to express themselves,” said Asia Young, a graduate assistant with MISA.

Thaís Lindemayer Gomes, an international student from Brazil, was first on stage, delivering an account of her experience as an international. 

Master of ceremonies DJ Unscripted delivers an introductory freestyle rap at MISA’s Xpressions Café event on Feb. 10. (Philip le Riche)

“My motivation for speaking tonight was to bring awareness about the international population that we have on campus and to let people know some of the issues that we have,” Gomes said.

Many other talents were on display, such as Alexis Bridges, Flipside Dance, Brenden Scott “wavworld,” Esoterica, New Orleans-based rapper Allay Earhart, and master of ceremonies DJ Unscripted. This was one of many events that MISA plans to host this month. To learn more about upcoming events click here or visit @southeasternmisa on Instagram.