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Prakriti Adhikari, Editor-in-Chief at The Lion's Roar.

Prakriti Adhikari, Editor-in-Chief

August 18, 2020

From the editor: When we started classes last semester, we were unaware of what the year held for us. Things started taking a turn when cases of the coronavirus increased exponentially and the university decided to shift from in-person classes to a remote learning format. Since March, this year has been n...

University reports high summer enrollment numbers

This summer the number of continuing undergraduate students enrolled in the university increased by 15.3% compared to last year. “We made strategic decisions that we suspected would lead to this outcome,” said Dr. Kay Maurin, chief enrollment management officer. “We were very pleased with the results, and it was our desired outcome.” 

Dylan Meche, Staff Reporter

July 21, 2020

Despite the extension of distance learning into the summer, the university reported its largest enrollment growth for the summer semester since 2014.  According to a university press release, the number of continuing undergraduate students who enrolled in classes for the summer semester has increased...

University in talks to reopen in fall

University in talks to reopen in fall

Dylan Meche, Staff Reporter

June 9, 2020

As Governor John Bel Edwards continues to relax restrictions, the university has announced that it plans to resume in-person classes and campus operations in the fall semester. Dr. John L. Crain, university president, made the announcement in a video released on May 14. In the video, he noted tha...

Online learning will be negatively affected by the pandemic

Online learning will be negatively affected by the pandemic

Joshua Archote, Staff Reporter

May 10, 2020

They experience many students have had with online learning this semester will influence their decision to take online classes in the future. I think that the experience of most students will ultimately drive them away from online classes. The future of online learning will be impacted by the mid-semester...

Online class is not my cup of tea

Online class is not my cup of tea

Daniel McClain, Staff Reporter

May 2, 2020

Ever since all face-to-face classes have been cancelled and school has become 100% virtual, everything has changed for me. I used to set my alarm for 7 a.m. to make sure I got to school on time, but now that classes are online, I tend to sleep till noon and start my day there. My sleep schedule is c...

University reduces costs for online summer semester

The university has made changes to the summer semester to adapt to the circumstances of COVID-19. With online summer classes being provided at a reduced cost, the university encourages students to take advantage of these resources.

Symiah Dorsey and Carter McComack

April 28, 2020

The university has launched a ‘Summer Online’ initiative with a reduced cost in response to the circumstances of the ongoing pandemic. This initiative will move all components of the following semester to online instruction. The regular eight-week summer semester and the first four-week term will onl...

Students express challenges of adapting to online classes

A student watches an online lecture while taking notes for his Sociology 101

class. To ensure the safety of students, the university has transitioned to online-
only classes for the remainder of the semester.

Dylan Meche, Staff Reporter

April 3, 2020

Throughout the past few weeks, students have experienced many changes to their daily routines due to the COVID-19 outbreak. One of the biggest changes to which students have been adjusting is the transition from traditional face-to-face lectures to online-only classes. Students are now completing...

A music professor’s take on the transition to online

Music courses have had major changes due to the COVID-19 outbreak. All music majors are required to give a performance
every semester for their final grade, but due to the cancellation of school, all spring performances have been cancelled.

Gabrielle Wood, Staff Reporter

April 2, 2020

Throughout the university, COVID-19 has affected school life and the routine of most classes. Music professors, specifically, have had to make drastic changes during the transition to online classes. Daniel Cassin, lecturer of cello, discussed the changes he has made to his music courses. “I...

Online classes are not the same for all students

Online classes are not the same for all students

Brynn Lundy, Staff Reporter

March 28, 2020

We are currently in the midst of a statewide shutdown of schools, restaurants, gyms, churches and any other location that requires the congregation of large numbers of people. This is also happening across the country and even the globe. Elementary, middle and high schools have closed, along with...

Updates on operational changes, March 17

Updates on operational changes, March 17

Staff Reports

March 17, 2020

The university has announced that more precautions will be made to further minimize the on-campus population. Updates for March 17 are as follows: Online classes will extend through the end of the semester. It is very likely that Spring Commencement as currently scheduled will be cancelled. ...

Q&A with Dean of Students

Dr. Gabe Willis
Dean of Students

Symiah Dorsey, Staff Reporter

March 17, 2020

How will the university accommodate students who don’t have internet connection? “At the moment, we do recognize that every student won’t have a laptop or access to Wi-Fi. On campus, there will be labs open. I know Fayard will remain open, the library will remain open. There’s conversations a...

University gives updates on operational changes

University gives updates on operational changes

March 13, 2020

The university has given updates regarding the operational changes after the announcement of transitioning from face-to-face classes to remote learning. Updates for Friday, March 13 are as follows: Activities directly related to academic courses will be determined by faculty in conjunction with ac...