Before you graduate


Larshell Green, Editor

See a live show. Music can be one of the easiest and most fulfilling ways to learn more about yourself and others. Despite common belief, live performances can be found just about anywhere without shelling out tons of bucks for expensive concert tickets. Whether you’re seeing a local up-and-comer, an award-winning theatre company or traveling burlesque group, the options for live show content are endless. If you’re ever in need of something to do, scour social media or look for local banners to search for your newest live obsession and “all that jazz.”

Explore a festival. For a few hours, you can be transported into an entirely new world. You’ll have access to unlimited local or visiting vendors, many types of food, live music, arts and crafts and more. The best part about any festival is that no two events are the same. In each city that you visit, the organizers always find their own little way to put a spin on the experience for visitors. There’s always something for everyone: the music lover, the foodie, the fashionista or the extreme culture explorer.

Find a landmark gem. No matter where you live, there’s something special about every town. For me, I love the scenery of downtown Hammond. It’s literally the heart of the city’s culture. All of our best food, shopping and music can be found there. It also helps that those experiences remind me of a tame version of my hometown New Orleans. Find your gem in your current location. Park your car and explore the town on foot. Look for the place you find beautiful, a possible source of a hobby or a haven of serenity.

Discover a passion. Everyone has a purpose in life. Don’t miss the chance to discover yours. The best part of any day is that when you wake up, you never know how that day will end. Take advantage of that. Leave no stone unturned. Find out what you like to do. Pinpoint your weaknesses in the hopes that they may soon become your strengths. If you want to try to begin writing poetry, commit to writing a new page every single day. If you have goals of becoming more fit, decide what days you’ll start running towards your dreams.