The Lion's Roar

Music department to continue performances with modifications

For the Fall 2020 semester, Department of Music will continue performing following safety precautions for the COVID-19. According to Michael Brothers, there is a possibility for band members to play with masks on.

Maggie Tregre, Staff Reporter

July 28, 2020

The university is now adhering to health and safety policies in an effort to reduce the risk and spread of COVID-19.  The new guidelines require masks to be worn on campus at all times. In addition, some areas on campus may require limited occupancy levels, according to the Safe Campus Guide.   In...

A music professor’s take on the transition to online

Music courses have had major changes due to the COVID-19 outbreak. All music majors are required to give a performance
every semester for their final grade, but due to the cancellation of school, all spring performances have been cancelled.

Gabrielle Wood, Staff Reporter

April 2, 2020

Throughout the university, COVID-19 has affected school life and the routine of most classes. Music professors, specifically, have had to make drastic changes during the transition to online classes. Daniel Cassin, lecturer of cello, discussed the changes he has made to his music courses. “I...

Artistic merit pays for an education

In music, students must audition to enter the department. This audition also counts as the students’ scholarship application.

Zachary Araki, Assistant Editor

May 7, 2019

Students can find a variety of scholarships based on artistic and academic excellence to offset the costs of pursuing an education in the arts. “The arts, and music in particular, can be a very competitive field in terms of collegiate recruiting,” said Jeffrey Wright, head of the Department of Music...

Alumnus pursues excellence in music

Casey Saba, singer, guitarist and alumnus, earned the nickname “The Human Jukebox” after learning 580 songs by 230 bands.

Erica Welter, Staff Reporter

April 2, 2019

From his beginnings as the son of a chicken farmer, 36-year-old alumnus Casey Saba made a career out of music and earned himself the nickname “The Human Jukebox.” Saba plays everything from festivals and dive bars to weddings and funerals. His selection of covers includes 580 songs by 230 bands. ...

The Harlem Renaissance and how jazz became the highlight of the era

The Harlem Renaissance and how jazz became the highlight of the era

Jacob Summerville, Staff Reporter

February 19, 2019

A combination of new souls and a new city created one of the most recognizable and celebratory genres of music - jazz. The Harlem Renaissance was defined by the light at the end of the tunnel that black Americans saw during the early 20th century. Jim Crow laws forced former slaves from the rural So...

Music is the key to Neverland

Music is the key to Neverland

Diamond Hollins, Staff Reporter

February 5, 2019

Midnight. The soft glimmer of the moon as I sat in the backseat of my mom’s dusty 2007 Dodge Durango. The windows were rolled down low letting the warm fall breeze whip my hair this way and that as we sped down the highway, and Lana Del Rey’s melodic voice was gliding smoothly through the speakers ...

Ralph R. Pottle and his building

The Pottle Music Building is named after Ralph R. Pottle Sr. who first developed the university’s music program. The university was then still known as Southeastern Louisiana College.

Maiah Woodring, Staff Reporter

November 20, 2018

Seen as a brick structure bordering Friendship Circle, the Ralph R. Pottle Music Building carries the history of the man who developed the university’s music program.  Ralph R. Pottle Sr. founded the music department in 1934 when the university was known as Southeastern Louisiana College.  Af...

Before you graduate

Before you graduate

Larshell Green, Editor

August 9, 2018

See a live show. Music can be one of the easiest and most fulfilling ways to learn more about yourself and others. Despite common belief, live performances can be found just about anywhere without shelling out tons of bucks for expensive concert tickets. Whether you’re seeing a local up-and-comer,...