The Lion's Roar

SGA releases election application packets

The Student Government Association has released their application packets for all positions, including president, vice president, chief justice and senator positions. Applications will be submitted electronically since students are advised to stay off of campus for the remainder of the semester.
March 26, 2020

Due to the outbreak and spread of COVID-19, many university faculty and staff are now working from home. In addition, all classes have been moved to online. Despite the transition to online classes...

‘EvolveU’ preparation underway

Kandace Formaggio, an academic advisor, demonstrates effective ways to engage an audience through presenting. This workshop aided presenters, who will be facilitating “EvolveU” on Nov. 13.
February 20, 2020

To help students improve leadership skills, the university organized “EvolveU,” a one-day conference held for high school students from Louisiana and surrounding areas. In preparation for the upcoming...

Blue meets red governor’s debate

Participants of the Blue Meets Red event. From left to right, College Republicans Daniel Seither, Rachel Selman and Travis Thompson. Moderator Indya Major, and College Democrats Leah Cross, Jasmine Bickham, Alana Collins, Rebecca Shields and Systeria Collins.
November 15, 2019

Election Day is on Saturday and both sides are fighting for their candidates The Student Government Organization held their Red vs. Blue debate at the Student Union Annex, Room 2303. Attendees at hand...

How much do students know about campus?

Leah Cross, a senior kinesiology major and a member of Campus Activities Board, interacts with students during the
September 12, 2019

Students' knowledge about the university was put to the test as through sun games. Students had the opportunity to answer a variety of different questions about the university's history, leaders, classes...

Students elect SGA officers

Leah Cross, 2019-20 chief justice of the Student Government Association, L’Oreal Williams, 2019-20 vice president of SGA, and Karley Bordelon, 2019-20 president of SGA, pose after the election results. Over 1,000 votes were cast in this election cycle.
April 12, 2019

With 1,331 votes cast, the student body chose next year's executive officers for the Student Government Association. For the 2019-20 term, Karley Bordelon, a junior social studies education major, will...

Meet the candidates

Meet the candidates
April 3, 2019

Eight students are running to become the future officers of the Student Government Association. Campaigning has begun from tabling events in the Student Union Breezeway to social media posts. The "Voter...

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